Personal Financial Planning


In addition to complete individual income tax services through our JACKSON HEWITT tax service franchise, the Executive Business Group provides a range of personal finance services including comprehensive financial planning, tax aspects of divorce, estate planning, bankruptcy, audit and litigation support, trusts, and gift tax.

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  • Planning services include:
    • Tax Based/Risk Adjusted Comprehensive Financial Planning: advising estate planning, such as trusts vs. will/probate; limiting contestability; Medicaid and nursing home planning; insuring assets and income
    • Divorce: protecting assets and preparing tax-related aspects
    • Estate Planning: creating estate plans; estate-related tax services; succession planning for businesses
    • Bankruptcy: consultations on bankruptcy tax methods and implications

    • Audit and Litigation Support: 
      for partnership breakups, divorce action, auditing, preparing documents for court, testifying in court proceedings.  President and CEO Michael A. Connors is an Enrolled Agent, licensed by the United States Treasury Department and admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.  He is experienced in the preparation and delivery of testimony before the courts and in mediation, as well as before the New York State Senate and Assembly Higher Education Committee.
    • Trusts: supplemental/special needs trusts; trusts for estate planning to avoid probate process; regulating flow of money to heirs
    • Gift tax: minimizing task risk during living transfers of property and wealth

    Life brings transitions – some planned, some not.  Preparation makes all the difference. In any of these cases, we can help navigate you to the optimal tax solution, securing your assets, your future, and that of your family.  To learn what we can do for you, call us today at (845) 863-1040.

  • We fight for you. We’re working to get you the biggest refund you deserve, or pay the lowest tax possible.
  • You’re welcome here. We take pride in providing you with a comfortable, private space where you can feel confident discussing your personal finances.

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